Why SEO is important in your Business?

In this blog, we will be clearing out some of the mysterious clouds surrounding the ‘SEO’ and help you understand what exactly is SEO and its importance in your business in today’s technology-driven market.

What is SEO?

SEO‘ stands for Search Engine Optimization, in layman’s terms, it means how easily a search engine is able to present the content from your website in its search results.

Search engines work with help of ‘spiders’. Firstly, These spiders are bots that crawl through every publicly listed website on the internet. Secondly, By going through various pages of the website of that website and storing meta-data provided by the developer. Search providers use that data to answer various user queries, for instance. SEO helps format the content on your website which makes it easier for the spider to understand. Hence, avoiding the need to add extra meta-data. This makes the website faster and lighter.

What are benefits of SEO in Business?

  1. Natural Visibility
    The most important aspect of SEO is about bringing the content of the website on the first page of the search provider. Hence, increasing the visibility of the website/brand without any paid promotions. Out of all clicks happening on the internet, 85% are natural clicks, only 15% of clicks are through paid search.
  2. Quality Online Traffic
    Not only does SEO increases raw online traffic it can also help bring quality online traffic to your website. With SEO, you can use targeted keywords to bring more qualified and potential customers. E.g. according to Google stats, if a webpage is ranking on the first page of search results it will receive 22-27 clicks per 100 page views.
  3. Brand awareness and Trust building
    As the website gets higher ranking in search results, the customers start to develop a subconscious trust over the brand. With more traffic, SEO increases brand awareness and visibility on online platforms. Which in turn improves online as well as offline sales too. As seen in most cases customer tends to check the online presence of the brand before making an offline purchase.
  4. Better Returns on Investment
    According to stats from search engine journal, SEO generated leads have the highest closing rate among all strategies. SEO is done once and it will keep generating traffic/revenue forever unlike other strategies that require constant inputs and funds for their optimized performance.
  5. Improves social media following
    As the numbers of website visitors start to grow, the more visitors will be reaching your social media pages. Being driven to those pages by clicks on social media links present on the webpage, for instance.
    This helps your brand to communicate with its audience more easily and effectively.

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