Know the Best Digital Marketing Tips from Experts

In this era of technology, Digital Marketing is taking new forms, in this blog, we will know those best digital marketing tips from experts at WBS Tech Solutions

Whether you are a startup or well-established brand, marketing is the bloodline of any brand -without it any brand will reduce to nothing. For all the entrepreneurs out there who want to reach a larger audience efficiently and effectively, digital marketing is one of the key solutions for this task.

Here is a compiled list of tips on Digital marketing strategies based upon valuable inputs of our digital marketing expert team.

1. Better research

To start off with tips on Digital marketing strategies,  The soul of digital marketing are active internet users, companies should have a precise understanding about online presence of their potential customer base, e.g peak times, common search terms & phrases, and social media engagement. This information is crucial to target the right customers and of course to get all this information, one needs to do some research. 

2. Social Media

Every internet user is active on at least 2 to 3 social media sites, with facebook being the most common one among them. Here are some tips on digital marketing strategies for social media.

  • 2.1. Boost your posts

As per the latest estimates, Facebook shows only 6% business content to its customers hence it’s getting difficult for businesses to send out their message. If you have a minimum 100 likes on your business page, a ‘Boost’ button will appear at the bottom of each post. Using this button costs some amount but it will send out your content to thousands of unique users.

  • 2.2. A/B promotions

Use features like A/B ads to create multiple ads which differ ever so slightly in regards to either content or target audience, this will help you understand your audience quicker instead of running long ad campaigns with no favorable outcomes at the end and having to start everything from start.

  • 2.3. Engage on social media

Companies miss out on this smart strategy, most companies post about their products and services but what they lack is user user engagement, engaging with your user about their needs and their thoughts on products and services improves the ground foot presence of the company. Engage on topics that might not be directed towards you but maybe towards your customer base or society in general.

 3. Advertisements

  • 3.1 Pay per click advertisements

Google has the largest search volume but their companies are missing out on other options. Bing which is Microsoft owned search engine has slowly been gaining traction in the search provider market again. Bing is the most popular search provider among the baby boomer generation, if the customer base is this generation you can get better results with better ROI.

  • 3.2 Use video ads

Video marketing is the most popular practice which marketers and advertisers use today. Videos are more popular among consumers than any other content because it is more immersive and more memorable. This is one of the most important tips on digital marketing strategies.

4. Creatives

It comes as no surprise that making mind-blowing images for social media should be a top priority for the business. You will need a graphic designer to design stunning graphics for your brand. Your other option is to outsource. Many business owners and bloggers do this – and it’s money well spent.

5. Presence on Digital Platform

Brand’s presence on a large number of platforms not only increases its visibility but also makes a positive image in the customer’s mind that the brand is confident in itself. It means the brand is technologically mature enough to not only survive in this digital era but this brand is going to stay longer in the market. 

This will be marking the end of tips on digital marketing strategies.

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